Spanish course

  • Classes on weekdays in the mornings or evening
  • Classes on weekends in the mornings or evenings

New groups open every month

Levels from A0 to C2

Courses for beginners who want to start learning a new language or for more advanced students who want systematically expand their knowledge.

The original class program focused on learning and expanding communication and speaking skills.

One semester course consists of 45 hours of classes (clock hours) or the whole year course (one language level) consist of 90 hours of classes. One semester lasts 4 and a half months, one year course lasts 9 months. New groups start every month.

Intermediate or advanced classes aimed only at practicing speaking skills, small conversational groups with native speakers. Minimum language level is A2, groups can also be created on individual request, minimum of 3 participants.

An individual program tailored to the student’s needs and availability. Private classes can be purchased monthly, only members of our semester group courses can purchase private lessons individually.

The program of classes is individually tailored to the needs of the students. the opportunity to choose a general or specialized course focused on business issues related to the company’s activities. Classes can take a place in your company.