Polish course

  • In the mornings: 9.30 – 11.00

  • In the evenings: 18.00 – 19.30 or 19.30 – 21.00

Classes on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Every month a new group opens

Minimum 4 students, maximum 10 students.

One semster is 4 and a half month, whole year course is 9 months

From beginners (A1) to advance (C2) groups

Usually, one level takes two semesters.

Groups are created after conversation with future student and language level test (if you learned polish before)

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10% discount for our students which decided to stay for next semester.
5% discount for all Free Conversation Exchange members.
5% for bringing a friend who will sign up for the classes. Each of you will get a discount

We offer payment of the entire amount or payment in installments

  • Classes are conduct only by qualified native speakers. From the beginning, we teach how to communicate in Polish. We use the direct method of language learning, which is based on the teacher’s natural contact with the student, and conversation is the main efficiency. Also due to our students, we have managed to create our own program of study based on your needs.
  • We offer our students student ID cards which entitle to discounts in many places (such as restaurants, bars, coffeehouses and badminton school) Please ask at the reception desk in the first classes.
  • All materials are provided in the price of the course, students also have access to online materials and our flashcards application.
  • Every week, we organize Free conversation exchange meetings for free for our students and also other interested people on which you can practice your language skills, meet people from around the world and learn more about culture.

If you are applying for a visa, please contact us about this matter. For all persons interested in learning at our school, we issue documents confirming the enrolment for classes after paying the appropriate deposit. These documents usually help in getting a visa.

If you need help finding accommodation during the course, please write to us after signing up for classes.
Please click here to fill a form about accommodation.


1. The enrollment for the course is made by filling in the application form (on-line or at the office) and transferring the fee of the course. Paying the fee and receiving a confirmation results in the acceptance of this statute. The statute is constituent of the agreement, which is concluded with every student during the enrollment.
2. To define the language level of the student it is essential to complete a test and go through an interview with a teacher (this does not apply to those who begin the study of the Polish language for the first time).
3. In case a previously planned group cannot be launched because of insufficient number of participants, the students that had paid the fee will have it reimbursed.
4. Once the course has started, in case the number of participants reduced (to less than 4 people), the School may suggest either another group on the same level.
5. The course ends with a test that verifies the progress of each student. A positive result qualifies the student to the next level.
6. In case of any suggestions or remarks please contact your teacher, the office or the management.
7. In case of need, the School reserves the right to the change of teachers during the course due to important organization issues.
8. The School reserves the right to use the photos made during the classes for marketing purposes.
1. The price includes:
a) Polish language lessons
b) Materials
c) Placement test
d) Certificate of attendance
e) Cultural programme for semester courses (such as conversations, workshops)
f) Consultations with a teacher
2. The price of the course will not be changed during the course.The participants are required to pay for the whole course in advance or to pay in instalments.
a) The first instalment (300 PLN) should be paid during the registration.
b) The remaining amount can be paid according to the deadlines:
For every semester:
First option

300 PLN paid at time of enrollment and rest (490 PLN) at first day of classes.
Second option
790 PLN paid at time of enrollment.
Third option (instalments 300 pln x 3)
300 PLN paid at time of enrollment
300 PLN paid up to month since course begins
300 PLN paid up to last day second month since course begins

4. For the students that join the groups during the semester, the fees are calculated individually.
5. Payments can be made either in cash or to the bank account below:
12 1050 1445 1000 0091 2040 5429
Bamboo Language School
Miodowa 26 room 2.15

5a. For foreign transfers:

PL 12 1050 1445 1000 0091 2040 5429
Bamboo Language School
Miodowa 26 room 2.15

1. The School does not reimburse any payments for absences.
2. If the classes had been canceled because of the problems of the School (teacher’s illness, technical issues, etc.), the School organizes a substitution or the classes are postponed to another date that is suitable for all the participants.
3. The students who did not complete the course will not obtain the Course completion Certificate. In a similar case, on the student’s request the School can sign a certificate of attendance.
1. In case of the resignation from the course more four weeks before the course begins, the student is fully reimbursed.
2. In case of the resignation from the course less than four weeks before the course begins or up to two weeks after the beginning, the student who paid the full payment is reimbursed the amount reduced by the downpayment. The downpayment is not refundable in this period.
3. In case of the resignation from the course more than two weeks after the course begins, the payment is not reimbursed.
4. In case the school provides the student with a confirmation of application, on base of which he or she applies for a visa or residence permit, and afterwards the student resigns from the course, then the downpayment is not reimbursed.

Polish language group courses

Courses for beginners who want to start learning polish language or for more advanced students who want systematically expand their knowledge.

The original class program focused on learning and expanding communication and speaking skills.

One semester course consists of 45 hours of classes (clock hours) or the whole year course (one language level) consist of 90 hours of classes. One semester lasts 4 and a half months, one year course lasts 9 months. New groups start every month.

Polish language conversation groups

Intermediate or advanced classes aimed only at practicing speaking skills, small conversational groups with native speakers. Minimum language level is A2, groups can also be created on individual request, minimum of 3 participants.

Polish language private lessons

An individual program tailored to the student’s needs and availability. Private classes can be purchased monthly, only members of our semester group courses can purchase private lessons individually.

Polish language Companies courses

The program of classes is individually tailored to the needs of the students. the opportunity to choose a general or specialized course focused on business issues related to the company’s activities. Classes can take a place in your company.